15 Acres of Land Acquired by JVDV Real Estate

As you may or may not know, Tom Jax & Associates real estate company owns more than 140 acres of land in northern New York State.  The untouched land was purchased in early 2001 from an unnamed party, and it was intended to be used for environmental conservation purposes as wildlife protected land.  However, over the years, much of the acreage has been sold to commercial and residential building developers for various projects and quite sizable sums of money.

Last week, our partner company JVDV Real Estate bought 10 acres of land in Albany from us to build their new office location.  After an impressive year of sales, JVDV is expanding operations into more cities.  Building designs have already been completed and approved by the local government.  PFMA Construction Management is coordinating with JVDV Real Estate to prepare for construction of the main building and stand-alone units, which begins on November 1st.  They have also contracted well-known Albany paving services to lay the asphalt for the commercial parking lot.  The initial layer of pavement will be installed first so that service vehicles can move in and out of the development property with ease.  After construction is complete, the paving contractor will mill the road and add the final layers of asphalt to finish the parking lot.

The building is expected to take a minimum of 3 months based on the number of workers on assignment.  The project is being managed by Jim Kapuchin, an experienced construction manager and developer. Please join Tom Jax & Associates in congratulating JVDV real estate on their rapid expansion.  To grow from a single realtor to a team of 27 agents in less than 2 years is unheard of and certainly more than noteworthy.  JVDV is in great hands, and we look forward to partnering on projects again in the future.