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Meet Tom Jax, real estate professional and owner of Tom Jax & Associates, as known TJA.

Tom grew up in Sedona, Arizona in a small home with his mother Jamie.  Tom attended West Sedona Elementary School before being pulled out to be home-schooled at the age of 9 years old.  Tom’s neighborhood was filled with other children his age, so despite not being with them during the school day, he’d see all of them at night.  Tom returned to public school at Sedona Red Rock High School, enrolling as a freshman and finishing ahead of his class in just 3 years.

After graduating from high school, Tom applied to 7 colleges – Hartwick, Yale, Brown, NYU, SUNY Albany, UMass, and the University of Miami.  He was accepted at all of them, but ultimately decided on Miami.  Tom majored in Business Administration and was exposed to real estate for the first time during an internship senior year.  Despite his inability to be paid from his work due to licensing and school credit restrictions, Tom fell in love with real estate and helping people find the perfect home for themselves and their families.

Upon graduation from Miami in 1992, Tom began work with a local realtor, where he worked hard for two years learning sales and the tricks of the trade.  Tom was recognized 3 quarters straight in 1993 for superior sales performance, and received a bonus large enough to take his mother and a couple close friends to Hawaii for a week.  During the period from 1992-1994, Tom built an impressive list of contacts and saved enough seed money to start his own agency.

In 1994, Tom opened Tom Jax & Associates (TJA), hiring his cousin Eddy Kilsner as his first agent.  Tom and Eddy worked together over the next 24 years, expanding into Flagstaff, Mesa, and Phoenix, and hiring more than 30 professional real estate agents to continue growing the company.

TJA has been selling residential, commercial, and industrial properties since its inception and has successfully placed 720 homeowners and 115 businesses in the perfect locations to fit their needs.

If you ever listen in on a staff meeting, Tom preaches about quality and placing the consumer first.  A home, especially for a first-time buyer, is a big purchase.  It’s nerve-wracking, exciting, and extremely important, and it needs to be handled with care.  He teaches his agents to understand the customer and what they need and to put the customer first.  A sale is not a success unless the customer is happy.

Over the years, Tom has cleaned house, removing any agents that did not meet customer expectations as well as he believed they should have.  However, running that tight ship has given TJA many positive experiences and countless testimonials showing how much Tom and his team care.

Looking forward to the future, TJA plans to continue expanding further into other areas of Arizona to open up more offices and further extend the brand.  Tom’s philosophy is that his work isn’t done until he can’t breathe, so this agency will be around for a long time – that’s a guarantee.  Contact us today and we’d love to help you find the home of your dreams.