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Local Dental Clinic Moves Offices

As a prominent realty company, we work with both homeowners and commercial building owners to find them the perfect property to fit their needs. Every buyer is unique; some want a lot of space, some look for amenities, and others want to move to a specific locale to give them more local visibility. Such is the case with Latham Dental Pros. LDP’s New York office was established more than decade ago, near Latham Farms, a popular shopping center located at 579 Troy Schenectady Road. Their dental clinic provides an array of dental services like teeth cleaning, and whitening, tooth extraction, oral surgery & more. As a local dentist, LDP’s owner was searching for a new office location that was more central to the area. Moving to a building that’s directly on Route 9 or on Erin Street across from Panera would give them more visibility and hopefully lead to an increase in new patient appointments. After visiting several potential office locations, Latham Dental Pros settled on Route 9. The new building will have space for 11 dentists, leaving plenty of room for growth. And, since it’s bordering a heavily residential area right next to JJ Rafferty’s and Price Chopper, plenty of families will be able to drive by it and stop in.