Monthly Archives: January 2021

New Apartments for Rent Coming Soon

New apartment construction is always an exciting thing for our real estate agents to hear about because it means that more sales opportunities are coming soon. Just south of city center in Sedona, Jackson Development, a new home construction firm is building brand new luxury apartments and condominiums on a 2-acre plot of land they purchased from a local farmer. Jackson Development reached out to Jamie Swint, our brand manager, to discuss potential investment opportunities in the land. We’ve agreed on a higher commission level for all apartment sales through an exclusive deal with Jackson Construction. Before any of this happens though, the land needs to be cleared and excavated. We recommended an experienced excavator to dig the foundation hole and remove the dirt, shrubs, and debris prior to construction. If the excavation company is able to complete the project within a week or so, building the apartments should be an easy undertaking. Once it’s complete, Jackson Construction’s team will give our realtors a private tour before we start renting out the apartments. The view from the east side of the apartments looks right toward the sunset, so we’re confident the local residents are going to love it. Floor to ceiling windows, baseboard heating, and brand-new furnishings are just a few of the many amenities that apartment renters can expect. We’re not 100% sure on the price range yet. Collectively, we’ve launched a marketing survey to analyze other similar markets to determine the right rental fees. There is nothing in the area like this, so we’re going to be blazing a trail for more high-end apartments in the near future. Once other development firms notice how popular the high-rise buildings are in this area, we expect to see heavy investment; rental prices will rise even higher when this occurs, so it’s a great opportunity here.